Motion in a vertical plane worksheet

This worksheet is for motion in a vertical plane. Before attempting this worksheet you must be able to apply the constant acceleration formulae to solve problems relating to vertical motion under gravity. You must also have prior knowledge of constant acceleration formalue. You can also download a copy of this worksheet by clicking on any of the preferred format icons below.

A tennis ball is thrown vertically upwards and reaches a maximum height of 3.5m. Find the initial speed of the ball.
A stone is fired vertically upwards from a catapult at 0.7ms-1 The catapult is 2.3m above the ground.

Calculate the maximum height reached by the stone.

A stone falls from the roof of a house. It passes the top of window after 0.7 seconds. It passes the bottom of the window after a further 0.4 seconds.

Find the speed of the slate at the top of the window. How tall is the window?

A coin is thrown vertically upwards with speed 6ms-1 from a height of 11.4m above the ground.

Find the greatest height reached by the coin.

Calculate the time taken for the coin to reach the ground.

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