Inversely proportional worksheet

This worksheet is for the inversely proportion. It should help you revise on inverse proportion. Before attempting this worksheet you must have knowledge of the meaning and notation of inverse proportion and be able to find the constant of inverse proportionality including for formulae involving squares and square roots. You can also download a copy of this worksheet by clicking on any of the preferred format icons below.

Question 1 – Inverse proportion

Y is inversely proportional to x, when x=2, y=24.

  • Find the value of x when y is 0.5
  • Find the value of y when x is 6

b is inversely proportional to a2, when a=4, b=18

  • Find the value of a when b is 12
  • Find the value of b when a is 1

q is inversely proportional to p3 when p=5, q=6.

  • Find the value of p when q is 10
  • Find the value of q when p is 10

n is inversely proportional to m, when m=16, n=13.

  • Find the value of m when n is 21
  • Find the value of n when m is 26

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