Conservation of momentum worksheet

This worksheet is for the conservation of momentum. It should help you revise on this area of momentum. Before attempting this worksheet you must have good knowledge of Newton’s 1st law, and Newton’s 2nd law. You must also be able to use the principle of conservation of momentum to solve problems involving the direct impact of two parts. You can also download a copy of this worksheet by clicking on any of the preferred format icons below.

Question 2 – Total momentum

The diagram below show particle with momentum 120Ns. The particle has velocity 30ms-1 as shown.

  • Calculate the mass of the particle

Find the total momentum of the two particles shown.
Find the total momentum of the two particles shown.

Question 2 – Three collisions

All particles in the following questions are moving in a horizontal line on a smooth surface.

Particles A and B, of mass 6kg and 3kg respectively, move towards each other. The speed of A is 5ms-1 and the speed of B is 4ms-1. After the collision, A and B move in the direction AB with speeds of u ms-1 and 2u ms-1 respectively. Find the value of u.

Particles P and Q of masses m kg and 6kg respectively, travel in the same direction. P moves with speed 7ms-1 and Q moves with speed 3ms-1. The particles collide and immediately after the collision, P is at rest and Q moves with speed 7ms-1. Calculate the value of m.

Particles x and y, of masses m kg and k mg respectively, move towards each other. Before the particles collide, x has speed 6u ms-1 and Y has speed 11u ms-1. After the collision, the speed of x is halved are reversed. Find the values of x for which Y moves in the opposite direction after they collide.

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